Our team of French polishers have worked on many wooden floors, from retail outlets and restaurants to those found on beautiful yachts sailing around the world. We love the look of wooden floors, and recently we’ve noticed a trend to make that wood even more interesting.

Traditionally, wooden floors are made of straight floorboards that are lined up next to each other, but the wood floors that have caught our French polishers’ attention are anything but traditional…

This jigsaw puzzle floor has captured the imagination of our French polishers and we love how it looks in a room. We really like how the floor includes different colours of wood and stain on each piece because it helps draw attention to how unique the floor really is.

This flooring has the elegance of wood floors with the beautiful patterns found in ceramic tiles. Our team of French polishers would have to treat this wood with extra care in order to make sure all of the detail in the design was evenly cleaned, stained and sealed.

What our French polishers love about this floor is that it really emphasises the natural beauty of trees. Instead of using floorboards, this wood floor is made using cross-sections of tree trunks and we think they look great.

Have you found any other unique wooden floors you’d like to share with us? Let us know and we’ll add them to this post.

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