Our French polishers love wood in all of its forms. We think it’s the most beautiful material to work with, and it seems we aren’t alone. Artists from all over the world use wood to create beautiful pieces of art and we’ve found some great sculptures by Heather Jansch (http://www.heatherjansch.com/) that have caught our attention.

Often when people work with wood, they start off with a nice piece that is in pristine condition. Not Heather Jansch. She trolls the beaches in search of driftwood that has been weathered by wind, water and sand. Driftwood is often thought of as wasted wood, but with a smooth exterior and unique shapes, this couldn’t be farther from the truth and we couldn’t agree more.

Jansch is very experienced in creating driftwood sculptures, and has a whole series of horses made out of the material. As you can see, each piece has been selected to fit the shape of a horse, and our French polishers are amazed at how realistic they are. Not only are the horses lifelike, they are also pretty close in size.

While our French polishers are typically used to putting stain on wood, we think these horses look great with their natural colour. What we would recommend is putting a clear fire-proof and weather-resistant coating on them so the sculptures can last for years to come.

French polishers will look after all your wood

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