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French polishers captivated by unusual floors

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Our team of French polishers have worked on many wooden floors, from retail outlets and restaurants to those found on beautiful yachts sailing around the world. We love the look of wooden floors, and recently we’ve noticed a trend to make that wood even more interesting. Traditionally, wooden floors are made of straight floorboards that

French polishing a Wooden Vespa

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There’s no doubt that our French polishers love French polishing. But they also love driving around on the open road–the wind at their face, the sun shining down and music playing from the radio. There’s nothing quite like the freedom of driving a Vespa and there’s nothing better than seeing one made completely of wood.

French polishing a wooden city – a visit called for

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French polishing is even more exciting when we’re continuously discovering new and unusual wooden products, floors, projects and architecture. Recently we wrote about an island in Russia that is filled with historic wooden buildings, and we’ve just discovered another wooden destination we’d love to visit. The “Wooden Village” is located in Iran and all of

French polishers admire driftwood sculpture

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Our French polishers love wood in all of its forms. We think it’s the most beautiful material to work with, and it seems we aren’t alone. Artists from all over the world use wood to create beautiful pieces of art and we’ve found some great sculptures by Heather Jansch ( that have caught our attention.

French polishers love the beauty of petrified wood

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As professional French polishers, we’re always going on about the beauty and durability of wood. Wood has been used for centuries to build and decorate all sorts of structures, from churches and boats to homes and retail outlets. And although our team of French polishers has experience working with antique furniture and historic buildings, even