The Russian island of Kizhi is every professional French polisher’s dream destination. First settled in the 15th Century, Kizhi was once home to rural mining villages, but over the last 60 years, dozens of historical wooden buildings have been moved to the island in order to preserve them. The island is now a national open-air museum that contains over 80 historical wooden buildings.

The most famous of these wooden structures is the Kizhi Pogost, comprising of two wooden churches and a wooden bell tower. The detail and architecture is so beautiful that the Kizhi Pogost has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The islands other buildings include various wooden churches, historic houses, and traditional village buildings.

As professional French polishers, we can’t help but imagine what it would be like to visit the island and use some of our French polishing techniques to preserve the beautiful and historic wooden structures. Although each building would have different requirements, we’d make sure to protect the outside from harsh elements with weatherproofing finishes, and get the inside walls and floors looking great with stains and French polish. Not only would we be able to restore the wood to its original colour and beauty, we’d also make sure to fireproof all the buildings so they could be visited by tourists for decades to come. We’d also attend to the numerous pieces of wood furniture and make sure to finish them with the perfect stain or lacquer.

Until we’re lucky enough to hear from the administrators at Kizhi about requiring our French polishing services, we’ll just daydream about this island destination and all the beautiful wooden buildings on it.

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