As professional French polishers, we tend to talk a lot about wood. From Maple to Oak, we know what methods work best to enhance the look and feel of wood and really revitalise each piece. But before wood ever becomes a beautiful piece of furniture or part of an amazing structure, it develops from a tree.

So, today we thought we’d take a moment to tell you some interesting facts about trees that you may not know.

  1. There are about 20,000 tree species in the world. The country with the most variety of trees is India.
  2. The largest living thing on Earth is the Giant Sequoia tree in California. It stands nearly 30 stories tall, is 82.3 feet in circumference, and is almost 4,000 years old.
  3. Trees receive 90% of their nutrients from the air and only 10% from soil.
  4. Shade from trees actually helps cool the Earth’s temperature.
  5. Britain is thought to have the largest population of ‘ancient’ trees in Europe
  6. Over 5,000 products come from trees, including fruit, nuts, paper, wood, and cleaners. As French polishers, we’re proud to help preserve and enhance some of these wonderful products.
  7. It is believed that Britain’s oldest tree is the Forthingall Yew in Tayside, which is approximately 3,000 years old.
  8. In urban areas, trees help reduce noise pollution, improve air quality, control glare and reflection from streets, and stabilise the ground. Unfortunately the average lifespan for urban trees is only 8 years.
  9. The way a tree grows through the years can be seen by growth rings in the wood. These rings are visible in the projects that our French polishers work on.
  10. Contrary to popular belief, a tree does not grow from the bottom upwards, instead it grows from the top so branches only move a few inches in their lifetime.

Have you got any other interesting facts about trees that you’d like to share? Email them to us and we’ll add them to the list.

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