As leading UK French polishers, Terry Waters French Polishing (TWFP) offer boat and yacht owners the very best best French polishing service for your wooden cabin and interior spaces.

We know how much joy your sailing craft brings you, and that you’re rightly proud of her. It goes without saying that you want your vessel to be at it’s best, and this is especially true of the craft’s interiors. Even in an age of modern man-made plastics and metals, wood is still the dominant material of choice when it comes to pleasure craft such as yours.

This is doubly true of larger craft such as motor yachts and sailing ships. If you’re fortunate enough to own any sailing vessel you’ll know what we’re talking about. Like the very act of sailing itself, the use of wood in boat and yacht interiors is a great British tradition, and it’s no secret that the UK has some of the finest boat builders in the world.

Whether applied as solids or veneers, wood is a beautiful material to use for interiors, but like anything today it requires  maintaining. Exposure to sunlight, salt in the air, and the occasional salt water mishap means that eventually your beautiful wood will begin to fade, become stained or encounter dents and dinks through everyday use.

That’s where we come in. Terry Waters French Polishing are experts in providing wood restoration and repair services, including high quality French polishing. Our French polishers can bring your yacht or boat’s wood back to life with a little tender loving French polishing care and attention. We’ve been doing so for sailors over many years, along with providing our expertise to stately homes, historic buildings and a few Royal residences. And of course we undertake many, many French polishing commissions for commercial business interiors.

French polishers for yachts and boats

If you’d like to discuss how TWFP can add value and pleasure to your sailing experience please telephone managing director Adam Waters today on 01827 874 535 (or if you’re super rich, have your man do it). Alternatively email us at email us or complete our enquiry form.