Are you the owner of a bar or restaurant? If so you don’t need us to tell you how general wear and tear effects your wooden chairs and tables, but did you know that our spray finishing can not only protect your wooden furniture but also improve their appearance?

Spray finishing is an alternative to labour intensive French polishing, particularly useful when the wooden object(s) in mind either do not justify the expense of high quality French polishing, or if the quantity of items is such that both time and expense demand an alternative.

Terry Waters French Polishing offer two excellent options: super high quality spray finishing for one-off items, and a good quality finish for large bulk orders. This is especially useful for businesses with multiple wooden objects, such as bar and restaurant owners with a large quantity of wooden chairs, tables abd stools.

Spray finishing services from TWFP

At Terry waters French Polishing we have the experience, expertise and dedicated facilities to deliver the skills and services required for spray finishing requirements. Contact us today to discuss your spray finishing needs. Telephone 01827 874 535 in complete commercial confidence, or email TWFP at your earliest convenience.

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