It’s no secret that as the UK’s leading French polisher we love all aspects of the creative use of wood, and this shophouse in Singapore by CHANG Architects is another great example.

Located in a conservation shophouse district, the project had to work within guidelines requiring the building facade to be strictly conserved and restored. The back of the building also had to be redeveloped to a maximum of four floors for residential purpose only. CHANG Architects accomplished these goals both sensitively and in style.

Originally built in the 1920s, the shophouse was once a book shop known as The Lucky Book Store. As you’d expect, the lower level floor was used for retail, and the top level for storage. Built behind this was an unused, narrow strip land covered in concrete.

The interior structural wood has been beautifully restored, as seen in the roof beams, below.

New wooden furniture and partitions retain the tone of the conservation while at the same time providing a luxurious, modern feel.

French polishers for retail and commercial outlets

As French polishing experts we love the rich use of wood throughout this project, and commend architects CHANG for their sensitive yet stylish use of wood. We’d love the chance to provide French polishing services to this beautiful building.

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